Domain Selecting Challenge

Selecting a company name for your startup is difficult, but selecting a domain name for your startup is even more difficult. What should you do if your desired name’s.com domain isn’t available?

  1. Should you rethink your entire branding approach in order to achieve the “ideal”.com address?
  2. Should you settle for a .com that isn’t the best?
  3. Should you go with a fresher, more trendy top-level domain
  4. like .io or .me ?

Hosting setup challenge

             The World Wide Web has limitless possibilities. However, realizing the promise necessitates providing secure and reliable solutions in an environment that is inherently fluid and unstable.

           Web administrators frequently face a variety of difficulties that cause websites to go down or provide users a bad experience. Here are some of the most common web hosting solved issues, as well as practical strategies for dealing with them included in Our ” HOSTING SETUP CHALLENGE Program.


By improving individuals’ opportunities to learn the knowledge, skills, and practises they need to swiftly and effectively obtain relevant information, Search Mastery supports informed decision-making and problem-solving. Users that are proficient in the usage of search engines are able to comprehend and utilise both the fundamental and complex features and functions of the tools.Users who have completed Search Mastery course understand how search engines work
and how to use the various built-in (but
sometimes hidden) capabilities that can
assist them in optimising their
queries, navigating and
selecting from the results
provided, and determining
the reliability of online

Niche celerity formula

Some business owners are content to concentrate on the most profitable niche. They don’t think it’s necessary to have a personal connection to the target audience or the issue/solution. In this situation, entrepreneurs seek out the niche market that is most willing to pay cash for the service or product they are selling Others, on the other hand, have a different concentration. Working with Susan and the Niche Clarity Program was an eye-opening experience for me. I was able to find fresh,
surprising, and innovative methods to work with my
new small business idea in a short period of
time. Niche Clarity is a four-part coaching
programme that will help you find the
sweet spot that combines your own
interests with a need that your
clients are willing and able
to pay for.​

7 Day Website Setup Challenge

You’re stuck. How do you go about creating your own website? Suddenly, your brilliant idea remains untouched. An notion that never materializes You may have looked at expensive solutions that cost hundreds of dollars every month or attempted to work with a website developer, but both of these options are simply…too EXPENSIVE. So you’ve decided to quit up… Another year has passed, and you are no closer to launching your ideas,

your entrepreneurial aspirations are slipping away, so you play it safe and cling to your day job, claiming that you are pleased precisely where you are.​


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