How we design/develop website using word press

1. First we need to install Xampp server & wordpress.org from Google.

2. After the compelition of installing, go to the windows symbol which placed on left side of our left hand on bottom of our screen.

3. Search Xampp  they display “Xammp control panel” then starts only Apache & MySQL.
4. Without starts it we can’t work on our web site.


5. Then create a folder in xampp htdocs of our name.  

6. After this, create a folder of our name in xampp folder in htdocs then copy the word press folder all file and paste it into our folder those we created in same htdocs and right click from the mouse and click on extract option and extract it and delete the Word Press old file which is blank now. 

7. Then after create a database in our folder of any name and company name like, “doit” and copy it.

8. After this go to Chrome and search in search engine (URL) “localhost/phpmyadmin” without any space.

9. They display many options on screen click on “database” option and paste the database name which we copied from our folder and click on create and no other changes.

10. Finally! our database is created on local server.

11. After all this again go to URL and search localhost/name your name or you created your folder from which name and login.
12. You see a web page click on dashboard there are some menus on left side of our screen click on plugins.
13. Search in plugins we need 3 plugins like elementor, elementor kit, and ocean extra install all an active it.
14. Go to “Theme” option and install “Ocean WP” theme because it has many features and facilities that’s why it is very beneficial for our website.
15. All Themes from themes option clear it In dashboard there are 13 options are present which are given below.
i. dashboard
ii. post
iii. media
iv. pages
v. comments
vi. elementor
vii. templates
viii. elementor kit
ix. appearance
x. plugins
xi. users
xii. tool
xiii. setting

The important tools are (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13)
17. Let’s start to set up our webpage first we need to clean Dashboard our front page it should be cleaned
18. In post option which is placed in our left hand side delete all posts.
19. In appearance there is some options given below.
i. Themes
ii. Customize
iii. Widgets
iv. Menu
v. Header
vi. Them Editor
20. Most useable tools are (1,2,4)

Let’s we study a above points in detail.
⦁ Theme: – Need only one theme Ocean WP and all themes should be delete.
⦁ Customize:- We customize our website from this option.
⦁ Menus: – When we create a homepage or new page we have to create menus first click on menus tab & create.
Menu name [main menu]
Menu setting
⦁ we need to select this two options only like tick on
(✓) automatically add new top and (✓) top bar.
⦁ At the left side of our screen pages option is there, click on view all pages and add pages in our site & save menu.
⦁ Settings:- In general setting their is no need to change.
⦁ In settings click on reading and our home page display a static page if it is not show select a static page because without selecting this option pages can’t display
A static page (select below)
Home page select (home) and save it.
⦁ Let’s see! Our website display ‘Home’ on front page.
⦁ Click on pages option which is placed on left side of our screen click on it [add new]
⦁ We do this for creating every page like about us, gallery etc.
⦁ Their is some setting in home page when we open home page in edit view they show some setting in the bottom like,
Content layout [full width]
This only one change we do and other things can’t change.
⦁ On the same page on left side of our screen there are some menus then click on title only change in display page [Disable] it & save it.
⦁ This above setting is do in every page setting and publish it.
⦁ Come back on our site and refresh it.
⦁ So this is the time to customize our website.
You can see the customize option located on top of our web page.
⦁ Click on customize they have 9 tools.
i. Site identity: – Click on it we can change our Site title from this option like doit after changes it get BITsolutions.
ii. Menu: – Top menu, menu location & View All locations they display all locations of our site like, top bar, main, footer etc.
iii. Widgets: – Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3, Footer 4.
iv. Home page settings:- Select static page
v. General option:- Maximum changes are applied from this option like styling, general setting,page titttle, page scrolling to top etc. Colour and font is the main tools in this option.
vi. Typography:- It has many tools.
vii. Top bar:- it has general, social and content.We add our side text or content here.
viii. Header:- It has 6 options. In general we can change the background & border colour of our site and also have this option content after header.We can cahnge logo from logo tool.
ix. After header Blog, Sidebar, Footer widgets. Footer bottom, Custom CSS/JS all options are their.