MYSQL 8.0.25: How We Used MySQL

MySQL 8.0.25 is a relational database management system that is easy to use free and open source (RDBMS). A relational database organises data into one or more data tables. in which data type are related to one another; these relationship aid in the structure of the data base.

SQL is a programming language that allows programmer to create change, and extract data from relational database as well as control user access. A relational data base management system (RDBMS) like MySQL ,in addition to relational database and SQL. Work With an operating system to implement a relational database .



How to install MySQL Workbench?

  • Open a browser and go to the MySQL website….
  • Choose Downloads from the drop-down menu.
  • choose the MySQL installer for window option.
  • select the desired installer and press the download button.
  • It will prompt you for permission; when it does, select YES.
  • It will prompt you for permission; when it does, select YES.

Important Feature of MySQL :

  • system for managing Database(RDBMS) MySQL is an easy to use relational database management system.
  • MySQL is a simple database to work with. it is secure….
  • Client/server Architecture is a concept that is used to describe the relationship between the client
  • Its completely free to download..
  • It can be scaled up or download….
  • The need for speed…
  • High degree of adaptability.



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